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1. Write your trip criteria

Submit your travel proposal with a bid to create your trip to your desires, and receive tailor made travel proposals written by locals and travelers who are familiar with the journey. destination , enriched with human contacts that will make your trip a unique and unforgettable moment. Choose the amount of your Roadbook, the more attractive it is, the more you will have Roadbooker (expert writer of your trip). You can then send this money to the RockingTrip account (by Visa / Mastercard) which will secure the transaction (via our partner Stripe), and pay the Roadbooker(s) as soon as you have validated the proposed roadbook(s).

2. Our community offers to write your trip

Among the received proposals, choose the one you like the most. Pay, and receive your personalized road-book for holidays to your desires, and with contacts of people to meet on site, for great deals and unforgettable memories .

3. Go!

All you have to do is pack your bags, not to mention your road book and enjoy your great trip, and unique encounters that will be offered! Your Road-book will be in PDF format, for 'take everywhere with you (even offline) , and will contain: places, accommodations, activities and useful information but especially the right people to meet for an UNFORGETTABLE trip!

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